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Who says you cannot step on paradise in the middle of a bustling city? This is the clear example of The Moods Oasis. The Moods Oasis is more than a hotel; it is an exotic lung in the middle of the city. The environment around the hotel has nothing to do with what you will find inside. And you can already feel this just by crossing the entrance decorated with green plants and a very luminous space.

Recently renovated, as its name suggests, the hotel’s style is distinguished by its modern lines and greenish tones, representing the vegetation of an oasis. On the first floor are the 36 spacious rooms, very bright, with private bathroom and everything necessary to ensure the comfort and rest of customers. Green tones predominate, with walls covered with tiles and original headboards that add a very special touch to each room. The wood, metal and other materials used in the decoration are of great quality and merge to create a very natural environment.

The combination of the earthy tones of the corridor, totally opposed to the green of the rooms, is a clear metaphor in which you get to travel along a desert to reach your own oasis.

On the same floor as the rooms there is a large lounge where breakfast is served and from there you can access the most exclusive and unique area of The Moods Oasis: a magnificent terrace with bar and views of the golf practice course. Undoubtedly, an ideal space for all tastes. Guests can enjoy Condal City’s sunsets while resting and having a drink on the terrace.

Moreover, in terms of golf, The Moods Oasis has the privilege of being the only hotel to have a driving range in the heart of the city with a school with professional instructors for those who wish to learn or improve their technique in this sport. And for sport lovers, they can also keep fit in the gym overlooking the terrace.

The Moods Oasis hides great jewels inside and is undoubtedly the perfect place to find relaxation and comfort.

The surrounding areas

The Moods Oasis is in the Sarrià-Sant Gervasi neighbourhood, just a few steps from one of the city’s most commercial areas, Diagonal Avenue, and very close to the bohemian Gracia neighbourhood. Shops and boutiques, chic restaurants, exclusive discotheques, museums…  Discover all the faces of Barcelona!

District of Gracia

The most bohemian district of the Catalan capital. Theatres, cinemas, cultural centers flood its narrow streets and the main jewel is Gaudí’s masterpiece, Parc Güell.

Diagonal Avenue

One of the main commercial axes of the city. Along the avenue is concentrated an important business area and hosts the most exclusive international shops.


Over 1 km. long, the most famous street in the Ciudad Condal is the ideal location for people watching from any one of the terrace bar locations to observe Barcelonans living their day to day lives.

Passeig de Gràcia

The most celebrated architectonic works of Catalan modernism are concentrated along this street as well as the primary shopping area of the city.


With cosy cafés, an expansive range of gastronomic choices and important museums, Born has become one of the most modern neighbourhoods of Barcelona.


The area has a wide variety of pubs and discos to discover Barcelona’s nightlife. The most popular are Sutton and Otto Zutz.

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